For urgent matters, when the surgery is closed, please ring NHS 111 or if an emergency 999.

Please note that the practice does not complete the Medical Pro-forma in relation to any applications for a firearms/shotgun licence or renewal of a licence.

Welcome to Grove Road Surgery

On Friday 29th July the main entrance door at Grove Road Surgery is being replaced, anyone with appointments on this day will have to use the door at the rear of the building, please be aware that there are 3 steps to enter the building. We ask that you only attend the practice if you have an appointment. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you.

Protected Learning Event Tuesday 5th July 2022

The surgery will be closed from 12.30pm on Tuesday 5th July for staff training and will reopen at 8am on Wednesday 6th July.

For any urgent medical needs during this time please call 03301 742856. 

For non-urgent assistance with medication or minor illness, please contact your local pharmacist or you can find medical advice on the NHS choices website


       Jubilee Bank Holiday 

 5ft X 3ft (150cm X 91cm) Queen Platinum Jubilee Flag, Featuring Her Majesty  The Queen, Queen Platinum Jubilee Banner Poster Party  Decorations(1952-2022)Platinum Jubilee Decorations 2022 :  Home & Kitchen

The Practice will be closed from Thursday 2nd - Sunday 5th June inclusive.

If you require urgent treatment or advise over the bank holiday weekend, please call NHS 111.

Help us help you over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend

NHS services are currently extremely busy, as we continue to see a rise in demand across all health services.

There are also rising numbers of healthcare staff who are off work with COVID-19.

Together this means health services are working extremely hard to continue to provide the best possible care for those who need NHS help.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend, the NHS is asking the public to help us help you if you need help and support.


  • Use the right services for your needs at the right time – pharmacies and NHS 111 are the best place to start, providing expert help and advice;
  • You can contact NHS 111 24 hours a day by dialling 111 or going online to 24 hours a day. They can advise, support and direct you to the most appropriate service;
  • Please only go to A&E or Emergency Departments if it is a life-saving emergency;
  • Be patient and kind to our staff - they are trying to keep people safe.


Patients registered at Grove Road Surgery can now see an NHS GP for medical advice, prescriptions and referrals by video using the LIVI app.This service is provided free on the NHS. 

You can download the LIVI app to your mobile phone or tablet, at the App Store or Google Play.  Or visit for more information.


The practice continues to work in partnership with South Downs Health and Care (SDHC) to provide our patients with COVID-19 Vaccines. This model allows SDHC to provide the Vaccination service in full and allows us to ensure that the practice continues to focus on patient care and continues to provide the significant number of appointments that we do every week for GP services.  

The booster programme commences today and the key messages are: 

  • Please wait to be contacted by SDHC or the NHS England Team, the practice team is unable to provide any further information or book you in directly for the vaccine 

  • As with the previous vaccines those aged 80 years old and over will be invited first, working down the age groups to 50 years old, as well as those who are in the clinically extremely vulnerable group. The current aim is to have those aged over 70 years old vaccinated by 14th November and those between 50 – 70 years old by the end of 2021.  

  • You will be invited by SDHC via letter (for those without mobiles), text messages or phone calls 

  • If you are housebound and this is known to your practice, SDHC will be in touch with you to organise a home visit 

  • Important – If you are unable to attend an appointment that has been given to you by SDHC, you do NOT need to take any action, you do NOT need to contact SDHC or the practice, patients who do not attend are contacted again in due course with another appointment.  

  • The current location of the site is The Harbour Community Centre, The Crumbles, Pevensey Bay Rd, Eastbourne, BN23 6JH. Plans are being considered to ensure those who may find it difficult to travel to the site can have local access, however this may take a few weeks to come to fruition and it is therefore advised that those who are invited and can travel to the site should do so to avoid any delays in receiving the vaccine 


Our first flu clinic will be on SATURDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2021  8am-4pm. Please contact reception to book your appointment.

For more information about the NHS Flu Campaign and to check eligibility, please see


Due to the current concerns regarding COVID-19, the surgery has put in place the following control measures to ensure your health and safety and that of its staff.


Strict social distance rules will be adhered to within the surgery and we hope this will adhered to outside the immediate area of the surgery.


Please arrive at your allotted time and be prepared for bad weather – there will be no waiting room facility and we aim to avoid a queue forming outside the surgery.


Patients are expected to wear face masks – NO face mask  NO vaccine


Please inform surgery reception BEFORE your appointment if you have mobility problems that require to use a walking aid/wheelchair and/or if you are currently unwell with symptoms associated with COVID-19 > Hi temp, cough, breathing problems

The surgery toilets WILL BE OUT OF USE


Due to expected high attendance, other concerns you may have WILL NOT be discussed. The surgery will be open that day for flu vaccinations only

You will be asked to expose the arm you wish to have your vaccine. Please refrain from taking your coat/top completely off and placing them on the floor. This is to avoid cross infections.


Booking Now for patients 65 and over and patients under 65 and eligible due to clinical condition:  

Thank you.

How to look after yourself at home if you have coronavirus (COVID-19)


For the time being there will be no changes here at the practice. Patients coming to the surgery will still need to wear a mask, use the hand sanitiser and socially distance. Our staff will continue to wear appropriate PPE.

We have made this decision as often patients coming to the surgery are unwell, vulnerable and maybe not vaccinated due to medical reasons. Although double vaccinations do provide protection, they are not 100%. We therefore feel that these precautions will help to protect everyone. We also need to minimise the number of our staff catching Covid so that we can keep the surgery functioning, so for this reason alone these measures are vital.

Our consultations will continue, these might be offered as face to face, by telephone or by video. It is worth noting that we are consulting with higher numbers of patients than we ever did before the pandemic. We are open but entry is only by prearrangement as previously from March 2020.

We have all come a long way in trying to minimise the impact of Covid, let’s continue to stay safe together.

Health in Mind   

Health in Mind is the free NHS Talking Therapies service for people experiencing emotional stress and symptoms of anxiety or low mood. We’re here for all East Sussex residents over 18.

We offer a wide range of support to make seeking help as convenient, quick and straight forward as possible. From courses & online programmes to a wide range of 1 to 1 therapies, we can be your guide to better mental health. 

Don’t put it off.

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health and struggling from time to time is common and perfectly normal. Physical health problems are often easy to spot, but with mental health it is different.

It can be hard to know whether the things you’re struggling with will pass, or whether it’s best to ask for help. People often wait until things get much worse before asking us for help, and we want that to change.

Taking early action to improve your emotional health prevents symptoms worsening and means quicker access to treatment. Our advice is to not wait. Get in touch with us today. Our team are ready to help you make positive changes

What to look for

At milder levels symptoms can be hard to spot. A referral to our service could make a huge difference:

  • If you find it hard to stop worrying.
  • If you feel nervous, on edge or more irritable.
  • If you've been feeling down or hopeless.
  • If you've lost interest or pleasure in doing things.

We also help people with some long-term physical health conditions, as well as those with problems sleeping as both can have a significant impact on how you feel. If you’re not sure if you need help, you can take an anonymous quiz on our website to check.

What People Tell Us

“I feel in a much better place and more able to deal with life’s ups and downs”

“You have given me back my life”

“The best thing I have done for myself”

“I was nervous, but I needn’t have been”

How to refer

There's no need to see a GP to make a referral. You can self-refer or be supported to self-refer direct through our website. Please call us if you have any difficulties making a referral, we’re happy to help.

Although we offer a wide range of support options, you don't need to know what option might be best. Our trained professionals will work with you to identify and agree what's going to be best for your situation.

Many people find that just having an initial conversation with one of our team can be extremely helpful. Asking for help can feel like a big decision, but it could be the best decision you make.

Visit us at Or call us on 0300 00 30 130

Follow us: Twitter @HiMEastSussex Facebook @NHSHealthinMindEastSussex


Community Connectors can offer support to help you find practical solutions to everyday issues and refer you to services, groups and activities for:

Health/Well-Being, Social Networks, Education/Training, Leisure Activities, Finance/Debt, Housing, Employment, Volunteering

For more information: Community Connectors Information

 'Like' us on Facebook for regular news and updates.

Please see 'Further Information' for the history of our practice and the services we offer.

Current news:

Update: Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

The MHRA is carrying out a detailed review of reports of a very rare blood clotting problem affecting a small number of people who have had the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

The problem can also happen in people who have not been vaccinated and it's not yet clear why it affects some people.

 The COVID-19 vaccine can help stop you getting seriously ill or dying from coronavirus.

If you have already had your vaccination, there is no change to your planned second dose unless you had had significant side effects with the first dose.

Call 111 immediately if you get any of these symptoms starting from around 4 days to 4 weeks after being vaccinated:

  • a severe headache that is not relieved with painkillers or is getting worse

  • a headache that feels worse when you lie down or bend over

  • a headache that's unusual for you and occurs with blurred vision, feeling or being sick, problems speaking, weakness, drowsiness or seizures (fits)

  • a rash that looks like small bruises or bleeding under the skin

  • shortness of breath, chest pain, leg swelling or persistent abdominal (tummy) pain

If you are due your second dose vaccination, you will be contacted by our vaccination team as you approach the 12 mark since your first vaccination to arrange your appointment.

Please do not contact us unless you are concerned that you have gone passed the 12 week mark from your first vaccination.

For people under 30 without other health conditions, it's currently advised that it's preferable to have another COVID-19 vaccine instead of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine. If you choose to have another COVID-19 vaccine you may have to wait to be protected, but an alternative to AZ will be made available to you by the NHS. You may wish to go ahead with the AZ vaccination after you have considered all the risks and benefits for you. The NHS will contact you when it is your turn to receive your vaccination.

Read this patient leaflet here

Find out more about COVID-19 vaccination and blood clotting on GOV.UK

Find out more about the vaccination programme in Sussex here



Our COVID-19 vaccination programme is working within Government guidelines and we are continuing to focus on offering first doses of the Covid 19 vaccination to those aged 50 and over.

Vaccine supply for April has been restricted and if you are contacted to attend a vaccination appointment, please make every effort to attend.  It may be the last opportunity to receive a first vaccination for some weeks. 


If you are due a second vaccination dose you will be invited to attend our vaccination centre in the 11th week following your first vaccination. Second dose vaccination supplies have not been restricted.


As leisure facilities are opening up, we are having to move our vaccination centre. The new vaccination centre is at;

Harbour Community Centre, The Crumbles, Pevensey Bay Road, Eastbourne BN23 6JH. 

Click here

The centre will be clearly signposted and there is ample parking a short walk away with clearly marked routes to the centre. The centre is on the Bus route 5A but other buses also go to the Harbour area.

For any queries the best way to contact is via email and someone will get back to you. Our phone number for emergency issues only is 03301244002. Please do NOT contact your Practice

COVID-19 vaccination programme 11.03.2021

1st Vaccines:

Our vaccination programme continues to deliver vaccines in line with the Governments priority cohorts.  Over 93% of the top four priority cohorts have now received a first dose vaccination.  Currently we are offering vaccinations to those aged 16-64 with an underlying health condition.  SDHC GP Federation are running our vaccination centre, we would strongly encourage you to book your appointment when contacted by SDHC. 

 From 15th March we hope that the supply of vaccines will increase and SDHC will be contacting other patient groups (60 – 64), (55 – 59) and (50 – 54).  You may also receive an invite from the national vaccination programme to attend a mass vaccination site and it is your choice if you wish to take this.

 2nd Vaccines:

From the 15th March 2021 SDHC will start to call some patients for their second doses .  If you received a vaccine at Hampden Park just before New Year, you will shortly be receiving an invitation to attend a 2nd dose vaccination appointment on or shortly after 16th March 2021 at the Sovereign Centre (or a new venue, please see below). Invitations for second doses will then be made in line with vaccine delivery and within 12 weeks of your first dose.


For other queries email:



Our GP Federation, SDHC,  is delivering the vaccination programme on behalf of the Practice. They are currently working through the Governments national priority list of people who need to receive a COVID-19 vaccination.  As of today, over 50% of over 80 year olds have received a vaccination.  By the end of today, 19 January 2021, SDHC will have attempted to contact all patients on the list at least once.  

If patients who are over the age of 80 have not heard from SDHC Thursday 21st of January, an appointment letter will be sent to them. The letter will detail their appointment date and time.  This should arrive with patients within the next two or three days, post allowing, and the appointments will be from Sunday 23rd onwards. 

Following patient feedback, appointments will be offered between 10.00 and 15.00.  The aim is to complete the first vaccination for the vast majority of over 80 vaccinations by Saturday 30th January.

 At the same time that the over 80’s are being called, the Government has also asked that other groups are prioritised for vaccinations.  These include health and social care workers, care home residents and staff.  

You are probably also aware that the Government has also asked that people over 70 and the extremely clinically vulnerable start being called for vaccinations. We continue to prioritise the over 80s before moving onto the next group of patients. Please be assured that we are vaccinating people as fast as we can, in line with government priorities and within the limited supply of vaccines we have received to date.  

You will be hearing from SDHC very soon. Please DO NOT contact your Practice about the Covid vaccination programme.


Grove Road Surgery has been rolling out COVID-19 vaccinations via their GP Federation (SDHC). We started vaccinating the over 80’s before Christmas.  You will be contacted by SDHC for an appointment in order of national guidance but you need to be aware that our vaccine supplies are limited and we have no control over deliveries.

Please DO NOT call the your GP Practice about this. For further information visit

Thank you for your support.

Frequently Asked Questions 19.01.21

Covid-19 Vaccinations

The NHS will contact you when it is your turn to receive the vaccination.  Please do not contact the Practice in the meantime regarding when and where the vaccine will be available.  For more information, please use this link:

We are obligated to provide a safe environment in which to deliver clinical care during the current pandemic. We are however sure that you will understand that we cannot ever guarantee a completely covid free environment and we try and minimise any risk to you in several ways. One way is by cleaning any hard surfaces and/or equipment used in clinical rooms before you arrive and after you have left. We also ask that you wear a mask and/or face shield when visiting for an appointment, this is to protect you against any airborne virus particles that may be transmitted within our busy clinical environment. If you either refuse or cannot wear a mask this does increase the risk of you catching covid when you visit the surgery and consequently potentially becoming seriously unwell.

At present we have quite basic personal protective equipment at the surgery so where we feel the risk is too great to either you and/or the clinicians seeing you, we may ask you to attend a facility that is remote from the surgery. This may for example mean the hospital for blood tests where they are better resourced to manage this risk. Thank you for your understanding.

Cervical screening – Jo’s Trust information resources – FOR INFORMATION

On behalf of Helen Beddow, Senior Project Manager

Jo’s Trust has developed and published a short film which demonstrates what it is like to arrive at a GP surgery for a cervical screening appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The film aims to reassure patients that if they have been invited to attend then it is safe to do so, and can be accessed via the following link:

Jo’s Trust has also created an information resource in partnership with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists for people that are offered or who have had LLETZ treatment for cervical cell changes.  This follows their ‘Not So Simple‘ report last year, which found that many women and people with a cervix who had LLETZ felt uninformed about the procedure and unprepared for potential side effects. This resource therefore provides a comprehensive guide to the procedure, the benefits, follow up and where to get support to deal with side effects such as bleeding and pain.  It can be accessed via the following link:

Letter re exemption from face coverings Click Here

Government advice on use of face coverings can be found here: 

Face covering exempt card - a card which indicates that you have a hidden disability and have a reasonable excuse not to wear a face covering please click on the link for further information :

If you are asked to attend Grove Road Surgery for an appointment with a Clinician or a Nurse, you must wear a face mask or any type of face covering just before entering the surgery, to protect yourself and others during your visit.

 EXCEPTIONS: Children under 5 years of age are not expected to wear a face covering and children who cannot manage a face covering are not expected to wear one

 Face coverings have 2 benefits:

  1. It can potentially stop the spread of droplets from an infected person or symptom-less carriers to others. So, if you cough or sneeze, it catches the droplets.
  2. It is a reminder not to touch your own face or mouth. (It is important to also remember that if you keep touching your mask this can result in “hand to mouth” transmission of the virus).

Please remember that social distancing and effective hand washing are the best ways of protecting ourselves and each other and face masks are not a replacement for this.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

*** Images sent digitally***

Please note that by sending your digital image as part of a consultation or prior to one, you are consenting to us storing the image(s) within your records for use in your medical care.

Letter for Employers re Self-isolation (For Grove Road Surgery Patients)




The NHS and Public Health England (PHE) are extremely well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.

NHS 111 has a website that you can use to see if you need medical help and advise you what to do :

DO NOT go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. Stay indoors and avoid close contact with other people. Call 111 if you need to speak to someone.

We are proud to support the MacMillan Counselling Service by hosting a counsellor here one day a week


Extended Hours - Thursday Evening

We are now offering a mixture of telephone and routine face to face consultations between 6.30-7.30pm on a Thursday evening.

Extended Hours - Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday

We are now offering a blood clinic three mornings a week between 7.30-8.00am.


Try the new NHS App

If you’re a patient at our practice you can now use the new NHS App, a simple and secure way to access a range of NHS services on your smartphone or tablet.

You can use the NHS App to check your symptoms and get instant advice, book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view your GP medical record and more.

If you already use Patient Access you can continue to use it. You can use the NHS App as well.

For more information go to'


Community Connectors can offer support to help you find practical solutions to everyday issues and refer you to services, groups and activities for:

Health/Well-Being, Social Networks, Education/Training, Leisure Activities, Finance/Debt, Housing, Employment, Volunteering

If you would like to make use of our support, come and speak to your Community Navigator, Sophie.

Sophie will be here at Grove Road Surgery every Thursday.

Your GP can refer you, or you can refer yourself!

For more information: Community Connectors Information

We are proud to support:

Eastbourne Foodbank


You may have recently been offered an appointment at a Medical Practice to see a GP or other healthcare professional in the evenings or weekends. This is part of a new service offered by South Downs Health and Care (SDHC). SDHC is an organisation set up by the GP practices of Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford . It aims to improve the accessibility and sustainability of care you receive by providing a larger scale for operations that can span all practices. Evening and weekend appointments are now available to book via Grove Road Surgery. In order to utilise one of these appointments, you will be required to give consent for access to your notes to both read and add to them. This will ensure continuity and safety despite the likelihood that you will be seen in a different practice by a clinician who is new to you. Because the service has just begun, please bear with us while increase the availability of these appointments over the coming months. 

Newsletter - Please click on the link below to sign up for our quarterly newsletter.

Virtual Patient Participation Forum

Grove Road Surgery has an active Patient Participation Group (PPG). This group is made up of a maximum of 12 patients primarily because of limited meeting space but also to help keep meetings properly focussed.

The group is very keen to get input from as many people as possible to ensure that it can represent patients’ views and interests as accurately as possible. To this end a Virtual Patient Participation Forum (VPPF) is planned and work is in progress on the detailed working arrangements.

A dedicated email address – - has been set up to allow all patients to communicate directly with the PPG on a confidential basis as a member of the VPPF. Please email this address if you would like to join the VPPF. Feel free to provide any thoughts you may have on how you think this should work. This email account will only be accessible to a limited number of members of the PPG. By communicating with this email address you will be giving those people permission to communicate with you by email unless you specifically state that you do not wish this.

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